You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
Mark Twain
The details are not the details. They make the design.
Charles Eames
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At ROCHARC, design is as much about purpose and business,
as it is about creativity infused with emotion.

ROCHARC is a multi-disciplinary design studio that combines diverse disciplines including communication, psychology, visual arts, and media technology. We draw inspiration from varied cultures and contemporary arts in an endeavor to be part of the evolving ‘one world’ ethos.

We are a free spirited motley crew of artists, writers, designers and technologists, who feel claustrophobic when straitjacketed into job titles and domains. We want to dabble with different things at the same time and can’t see any reason why not. Why can’t we be artists and programmers, photographers and analysts, or food bloggers and trainers?

At ROCHARC, we do exactly that. We nurture different ventures – some related, some not – but each stemming from an individual passion.

Rochelle Cordeiro

Communications Expert. Educator. Mentor.

A pragmatic thinker with a creative soul and an interest in just about everything. It’s this broad range of interests that allow her to approach every issue with a unique perspective.

Rochelle is a graduate in psychology and a post graduate in communication studies with 18 years of marketing and communication experience. She has conceived and managed integrated print, digital and direct marketing campaigns along with developing content for all communication channels. Her core expertise is in the finance and healthcare industry.

She believes a solution is achieved via innovative thinking, be it out-of-the-box, trunk or crate.

Archie Mascarenhas

Entrepreneur. Designer. Technologist.

A technologist by profession, an entrepreneur by design and an artist by nature. He has perfected the art of balancing both hemispheres of his brain which successfully helps him integrate technology with design.

Archie has over 25 years of professional experience spanning visual communication, media technology, and interaction design. He has worked extensively with IT companies in India, US and Europe in delivering solutions for product and service marketing, learning interventions as well as channel and customer engagement.

He is a firm believer that it’s the little details which make the bigger picture better.


As debated often in Rorschach's inkblots, the idea of symbols having universal meaning is a myth. But so is the notion that they are purely personal perceptions. We recurrently reinterpret form and colors in our work to attach and evolve new meaning.


We basically give method to our madness
and create beautiful stuff.

Our endeavors are not driven by market demands or the desire to join the startup bandwagon. We just create opportunities to do what inspires us.

Our current ventures span from crafting brand identity for startups, to collaborating with writers and artists on books and art. From designing events to re-inventing Indo-Portuguese delicacies. And there are other ideas that are still germinating in our eager minds.


MARQUERADE works with startups and entrepreneurs at critical inflection points, to align their brand strategy with business strategy. We help them tell their brand stories and create experiences that captivate customers, persuade prospects, engage employees, inspire investors and build business.


reauxe is a digital product design agency specialized in product strategy and user experience design. By combining actionable insights with human-centric strategies, we consistently deliver innovative experiences that translate to better performance, customer engagement, and business results.

Studio Kole

Studio Kole does media production – from illustration, animation to motion graphics and recording, editing, to beatboxing (atleast we try). We are essentially storytellers, that use all the tools known to man, woman and beast, to engage your audience. Be it explainer videos, animated slideshows or comics… we foxes can bring your ideas to life and get your words to howl!


Meraketh brings together artists, writers, photographers, and poets to create beautiful work that blur the boundaries between literature and art. A place for things profound and thought provoking, the familiar and the exotic, contemporary yet saluting the conventional. Everything from books, art prints to unique artefacts, these limited edition products strive to blend traditional techniques with modern technologies.


Bonnevy is a food blog by classification not intent. The intent is part good food, part good health and entirely dedicated to a good life. It’s no wonder our by-line is ‘Have a good Life!’ We want to celebrate food while also focusing on a healthy lifestyle as the two are not mutually exclusive.


Trebon specializes in customized and handcrafted products catering to a wide range of celebratory events. Our focus is to provide unique elements that make an occasion memorable for the hosts and leave a lasting impression on the guests. We design bespoke stationery and décor that is exclusive to every individual client.


The flight of a bird is as much about the form of its wings, as it is about the weightlessness of its feathers. Hence our belief, that both the big picture and the little details are key to great design.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
We'd love to get to know you.

We are based out of Mumbai and Goa. So connect with us and we could meet over coffee to learn about your brand. +


From soaring high in the skies to see far and wide, to flocking with others to achieve a common purpose, a bird in flight is the perfect symbol of aspiration, freedom, and limitless possibility. Hence the wings of a bird form not only an integral facet of our studio's identity but also our individual personas.

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